Why can not we run faster than light [part 2]


Second part of the post about light (last part)

Starting from where I dropped out in the first round, I started today.

Does the fiber optic cable flow at the speed of light?

Although networking companies say that information is flowing through the fiber optic cable, it does not really matter. When traveling through these cables, the velocity of light becomes as slow as 40%, which can be referred to as an example of the slow pace of light.

The outcome of the relative theory

The relative theory came with some seemingly impossible results like relativity of time, relativity to the mass, relative relation of length. For example, the International Space Station is running at 7.66 kilometers per second in relation to the Earth, so the astronaut clock in every 6 months is down 0.007 seconds.
It is more interesting in the case of particles that can run near the speed of algebra. Moun particle is very unstable. These particles have come to be broken by the sun to come to earth. But the Sun’s large number of muon particles reach the Earth. Scientists have not been able to find an answer for a long time.
The answer to this puzzle is available through relative theories. As the moon moves around a light, the timing of these particles or their own clock becomes slower. So the muon particles coming from the sun linger longer than the concept of our watch.

Crossing the speed of light:

Until now, nothing has been seen to run faster than the speed of light. But at least theoretically it is impossible to overcome the velocity of light. And the universe itself is expanding faster than the speed of light.
The relative theory is where the opportunity to move faster than the speed of light

Einstein himself has found a solution, even though it is not possible to overcome the velocity of light. In 1935, working with another scientist Nathan Rossen came up with the concept of space-time bridge using the general theory of relativity. Which is known as a wormhole? In scientific legend, we notice the references to the horoscope. These are very similar to the two-pointed tunnel, which is also known as a cosmic shortcut. Therefore, it can be possible to reach the distance faster than the light from one place in the universe, without the speed of light. Which is not in any way contradictory to the relative theory. Although the existence of vermohol is mathematically proved, the reality is not yet found.

If the wormhole does not exist?

Scientists say the wormhole does not exist, but there is no problem. One day the technology of space-time control can come in the hands of humans. It is not possible to think that theoretically. But the power that needs to be done is incredible. This process can be started by transforming the mass of the planet of Jupiter into energy, and continuing to continue it must be supplied with energy. So scientists are not seeing any hope of being able to cheat the momentum of light.


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