Why can not we run faster than light [part 1]


Superman tells us that we can call it Newtonian physics by running away from the bullet faster than bullets. But in 1905, Einstein brought a special theory of relativity, it was equivalent to the velocity of light to all the observers in the air and in the air. The light source and the observer’s velocity cannot affect the velocity of the light.
In other words, it can not be achieved faster than the speed of lightlight. So suppose it is not possible for Superman to capture the light of the light by running the photon light of light faster than the light and catching it. But the question is why it is not possible to jump faster than light?

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When the announcement was made to achieve the speed of light:
In September 2011, scientists dropped out crying with a declaration that the physicist Antonio Ereditato had achieved faster velocity than the light. A team of 160 scientists at the opera project after a joint trial with Europe’s CERN said they found that neutrinos particles could move faster than the light.
It is not supposed to be as per the relative theory, and if so, many of our ideas about the universe are bound to change, many of the physics have to be rewritten. Later, there was an error in the observationsg of the scientists.
However, Antonio Ereditato and his team’s scientists have never claimed that their observation is 100 percent perfect. Instead they asked other researchers to check their observation.


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