Top 7 Professional Ways To Make Money On Internet – Nextips4u

Top 7 Professional Ways To Make Money On Internet
Top 7 Professional Ways To Make Money On Internet - Nextips4u

Way 1- YouTube Channel

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YouTube Channel – nextips4u

One of the easiest ways to make money on internet is to start a YouTube channel. The most interesting thing is that you can start it without any kind of investment.

There are over 5 billion video views on YouTube every day. Which proves how popular YouTube is.

A channel called PewDiePie made $ 12 million in 2015.


  • Those who like to make videos, or prefer to talk in front of the camera.
  • Create a good documentary or short videos on any topic.

Need skill

  • The ability to hold video using the camera, webcam, screen recorder, etc.

As time is needed

  • You can start in a very short time. You have to go to YouTube to get started. The channel has to open and upload the video.


  • Get started with a topic that you are interested in. If you do not want to give up after a few days!
  • Look at how other people get the same view with the same video. It will give you an idea that you can expect success on how to create a video on such topics.
  • Note that others are going to exclude something.
  • Cover them in your videos, then your videos will create an extra attraction.

  • Read the viewers’ comments. Talk to them. If someone is wrong, then fix the mistakes. Do not behave badly with viewers.
  • Note that what your viewers like most. They see more of your videos. Try to find reasons behind these. Apply these to the new video.
  • Keep an eye on the work of your competitors, learn from their good aspects. But do not ever have to copy directly. Make the video you like.
  • You have the opportunity to work together with other YouTube users (who work on similar topics), please take a look. Keep learning mentality from them.
  • The more the view gets, the more likely it is that the video with the subject or topic is more likely to get more results.
  • Dare to do something different. Remember, you will learn from the wrong.
  • Always try something better to do.

How to earn

  • The method of earning money from YouTube is very simple. You can earn as much of your video as you can.
  • For this, you have to switch over to the menus option from the channel settings. Which is quite easy to do.

Way 2-Blogging

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Blogging – nextips4u

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to earn online. One of the attraction is that it can be done at home.
If you blogging in any other work, you do not have to work 9 to 5. You can work any convenient time of day.
But it should be kept in mind that blogging takes a while to start earning. So you should start it slowly. It’s never going to be wise to start blogging without hurting all your work. Rather, what you have to do is start blogging alongside your other work.
When you are earning enough money from blogging, it should be done only as a full-time job, not before.


Those who like to write and want to share something about their experience or various topics.

Need skill

  • Ability to publish anything beautifully. To be a blogger you have to write a lot so that the writing skills are the main here.
  • As time is needed necessary setup can be done within one to two days. But if you are capable of doing these settings then you can start blogging in a few hours.


  • Start blogging in a matter where you are very skilled or you have a lot of knowledge. Or something that you can share with others. For example, the experience of traveling or eating.
  • Always keep your interest in learning. See others blog. Accept the best aspects of them.
  • Try not to shun someone, constructive criticism.
  • Try not to copy others, write beautiful and acceptable writing on your own.
  • A blog should be based on specific content. If you give the gadget reviews on the food blog it becomes intriguing.
  • Answer the readers’ comments. Try to solve them when they are in trouble.
  • Finally, always try to do something better.
  • Write something which will benefit your reader later.
  • Use the opportunity to work with other bloggers. Keep educating learning from them even more.

How to earn

  • You can get a commission with ads that are relevant to the topics you blog on.
  • You can also earn by advertising like Google Adsense.

Way 3-Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the marketing or promotion of a product or service. If you are selling a product, you can get a commission and make money on the internet fast.


Interested in writing and understanding.

Need skill

online promotion of any product through various social media or website or any other.


  • Share your affiliate product with your page or site that you think will be good for your followers.
  • Pick a topic about which you know a lot or you can write and post a lot.
  • Make a site or page on that topic. Post regularly good content. Increase the number of visitors to the site if the visitor and page. Increase inflows to Instagram. If you have any other site, then grow something like that.

How to earn

  • The more people use the link you purchase, the more you earn, the more you earn.

Way 4-Graphic Design

Graphic design is a name that is so popular in the present time that people who have not heard of it are found to be liabilities. From the packaging of the product to the logo, banner, icon everything takes graphic designer. A company gives a sense of design from its logo to various designs. Increasingly, with the spread of the Internet, the online presence of organizations is increasing gradually. As a result, different types of design work are required. And for those designs, good graphic designers are needed.


  • Those who have good design senses

Need skill

Know about various types of design topics. Such as Color Theory It is very important to know which color to suit any color.
Even if you do not know the theory, many more exercises will help you to be a good designer. Pretend to see the good designs.
Know the design tools. For example, Photoshop or Illustrator.

How to earn:

  • Earning depends on your skills. If you do not have a profile with a good rating, then you will not want to make good payments.
  • If you can create a very good profile, it is possible to earn 50-60 dollars per hour.
  • Just do not run behind the money and practice it on any portfolio site. These tasks will help you attract clients.

Some popular sites for graphic designers,


Way 4-WordPress theme spell

WordPress theme spell – nextips4u

WordPress is the world’s most popular and popular blog and website.
Suitable: Those who can design beautifully.

Need skill

  • WordPress can learn basic and create themes using HTML, CSS. There are many tutorials on WordPress on YouTube.As time is needed depending on the skill of the developer, the time depends on how many features will be available.


  • Research on how much theme is going on in the market.
  • Try to understand the needs of your potential customers.
  • Nice design and customization of the customer need to combine these two excellent spelling themes.

How to earn:

  • If you have a lot of themes then you can sell on your site too. Even though you have to do the job of promoting your site, but the advantage is that you will not have to pay any dividends
  • ThemeForest, Codacanoyon, and Mojo-theme, etc can sell theme on site. They put 50% of their earning down. But here’s a great benefit to giving the theme a chance to attract millions of visitors every day on their site so you can present your theme in front of many people in a very short time.

Way 5-Mobile App Spell

There is nothing to say about the mobile app. Because these are the articles you are now reading in a mobile app.


  • Those who want to create mobile apps or can

Need skill

  • Now there are many App Maker tools available online. A little Google will get a stack name. You can start using any such app maker. There is no need for a different skill to use them.
  • If you have knowledge of Android or iOS programming, then you must have many additional benefits.
  • As time is needed now long does it take for the developer’s skill and how big the app will be?

How to earn

  • The more people will buy it or the more they earn.
  • You can share various affiliate links through the app.
  • Attach Google’s Admob to earn from advertising.
  • The app can sell for money.

Way 6-Photography

There is nothing new to say about photography. Presently, there are two very popular DSLR cameras and bikes for younger boys and girls. Many people take photographs in the hobby and take them professionally.

Need skill

  • Take beautiful pictures.
  • As time is needed you are an experienced or well photographer, you can start it right away. If not, then you will find many tutorials on photography on the net. Learn for a while then get down to work.
  • You can start earning as soon as you can learn to work.

How to earn

A great benefit to photographing these sites is that many people hit their site every day. You do not have to buy a buyer for your photo. The more sales you earn here, the more you earn. If you have a huge collection of good pictures, you can start selling pictures even when you open your website. There is a big advantage in this case that you do not have to commission anybody.

You can upload your best pictures to the following sites. If you buy any of your pictures you will get money.




Way 7-CPA Marketing

The flower of the CPA is the hard-earned action or the amount of money to be made every time. That is, the person you are marketing in exchange for everything will give you money. Normally, by clicking on your link, you get the money by doing something in the user. This is something that will fix your clay.

These include:

  • Sign up to the client’s site.
  • Sign up with email address.
  • Download the mobile app

CPA marketing is relatively easy because, in Affiliate marketing, such a user will get money when you buy something, not even talent marketing. You will make money on internet if the user does something easy.


  • Those who like to write or understand

Typically those who already have a blog or website.

Need skill

  • Sharing the CPA link through social media, website or any other.
  • Inspiring people.

As time is needed offer you can start promoting almost immediately. But after registering on these sites, it may take up to a week to activate the account.
Many sites do not realize Bangladesh. Make a little more gambling by marketing how to market from Bangladesh. (The purpose of this app is to show the way.)


  • Attach the network to the offer of Affiliate link on your blog or Facebook or anywhere you want to share.
  • If you have a blog or site, then select an offer compatible with that site. Find out various payment offers using

odigger and offervault

How to earn

  • The more people offer the offer by clicking on your link, the more you earn.



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