TikTok may be banned!


Currently, the TikTok app has become popular with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The Beijing-based organization ‘Buydance’ bought one of the most popular apps ‘musical’ for 1 billion dollars in 2017. They named the app ‘Tiktak’ The way this app downloads, leaving Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube behind, is surprising, says the world of technology. The app has Android and iOS versions.

The entertainment medium of this app is a little different. Various music and songs can be made to create videos with a lot of videos, as well as create fun videos. This app has received huge popularity in India, including Bangladesh. But this app is now pushing people towards superstitious, sex and redness.

Recently, the Tamil Nadu government will take appropriate steps to ban the app. Minister Manithaneya Thanamun Ansari, he thinks that this app is pushing the young generation towards the path of cultural decline. He identified undesirable traits of sexually explicit material as a social disease. Recently, the Chennai police arrested the trafficked video trafficker a few days ago.

Those who earn huge money from other organizations by showing video of women from Tigak. Last week, some students of Government Arts College in Salem were suspended for uploading a video that impresses Tamil Lecturers with the opinion of the famous Tamil film Comedian Bhadivelu.

Ansari “The Indian Express,” told the newspaper, “Look at Saudi Arabia or China, they all have a system to limit such applications.” He said, “Most Tigers are nothing but dance and songs only. If the government does not ban it, then I will take better steps so that this app can be closed. “

Fear of closure in Bangladesh

Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar said, “We do not want to tie all kinds of sites that are threatened for domestic culture.”

He also said, “I want to make the Internet safer. My country is not Europe or America or Bangladesh in my country. So I do not want to keep anything that does not go with the people, society, literature, and culture of this country. “

Asked whether the sites would be closed again, he said, “I will stop when I open. As long as it is open, I will stop it. I do not know how successful it would be to stop human life and the quality of these sites and the country’s harmful sites. But I will continue to perform this duty with my highest power. I want to save my country, soil, and mother “.

Technology is considered as a blessing for human civilization. Through this technology, people can express themselves through all the entertainment including junk and safe and beautiful and decent. Experts say that many such offenses will be reduced if there is any doubt about this.


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