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This post is for you

Web site is a very important communication medium for your organization. Websites play different roles in the organization. Your web site is a powerful marketing medium, one of the ways to influence the customer, international means of trading and communication, one of the main ways to participate in current market competition. Many of us would like to create a website for ours.

Before creating the web site, you must prepare yourself.

In order to create web site, many agencies in Bangladesh will now be able to make a web site at a very low price and at some prices many others. There are many reasons for this price difference. If you have good ideas then you will have the advantage of budgeting for your website or budget for your website.

The lower points are for you to prepare with best way

If you want to get the right ideas about the website, you have to try to understand our native language – your website should be online in the form of your website. Here are some tools made by your organization, such as the website and some tools.


The first thing that comes to mind before building a shop or store is to name what your shop name means, what will be the signboard, your web site is your sign-up board, your domain If your name is not controlled by anything, you can open 5 stores in the same name if you want, but the online domain is controlled by an organization and can not use the same name. In this case, assign a name by a number or a special number before the name. So your instrument number 1 is your sign board or name ie domain. To buy a domain you can spend from $ 2 to $ 35. But if you want to buy its domain from someone else, then there may be any number of values ​​based on your discussion.


If you think you have chosen your shop name, then you need to find a place for the shop. This place is hosting. That’s exactly what you need for virtual space for your website hosting. Now let’s take a break – type a percentage of the land and GB of the virtual zodiac (hosting) is GB. For your ability to retain and manage such different quantities of land you need it. For some schools like this, one for the small shop, and another for the shopping complex. According to the type of web site you have to determine the location of your hosting.
The place is again a few types: if it is your own land, then it is a definite measurement part, assuming that 90% of your land is 90% of your own land – which is known as a local server for hosting. If you prepare yourself a server then it is your own server. But if your land is in the pond or ocean, just as you can not afford the shop, the server is running in the pond with costly and quality handling of the server from Bangladesh. But the US, Ukraine, Russia are different in these countries.

Suppose you took some land for a few days to work on someone’s land and asked him to renovate the server. While borrowing, you can borrow in a few ways, such as a plot size – means that you rent a portion of certain land by placing it in a few plots and you rent one of its parts.It is known as shared hosting for the web site. Perfect for WordPress.
Suppose you rented the whole land, then it is called a private server in the web language. You can share the entire plot in the form of plots and use the entire land for an organization.
Places, such as hosting, you have to keep in mind a few things: how many people want to provide their service for you at a time. Now the place is taken 2 percent, 90 people want to enter the institute together – in that case, it will be impossible to manage the pricing, while taking the bandwidth, depending on the time of hosting, the organization will be based on the highest one-time user.
The thing that comes after it is that your teacher is the same amount of space made up of the same place. Your product or service is the same. The number of workers in your shop is 2 and the number of other workers in the shop is 6, in that case, another shop service can be sold fast, it is normal and it will be less crowded. This is also the usual reason for the buyers or service providers to get their desired services. The server’s RAM plays a similar role in hosting. The vast majority of RAM helps speed up the web and helps control more traffic.
Now, take the road to your destination:
The road is your own and you use it, that is, if you go to that road, other institutions will not be available without your organization. It’s called private IP. If the road is rented and if there are some models on the same street, then it is shared IP.
If your organization is very aware of the time of preparation, then you can think of it as a way to make web-based knowledge. Now come to the quality – your business is small or big, the type of business, and the buyer judges the place for the shop. You can give a breakfast shop in the Amazon forest, but the buyer will not know if it is in the know of the trading business. Similarly, in the case of web sites, all these aspects must be handled with the help of the web site.
Establishment map of the world:
How is your management managed? How do you work, what services you provide and what you want to do, prepare your mission vision, your organization’s service or product listing, etc? Which will help the developer to understand your needs or take suggestions from the developer?

Web development

Suppose your name has been fixed, determined by the place and the need. The thing that needs to be done now is to build your model. If you think about building the organization, you can make concrete, or wood, or glass, etc. In order to create a web site, such tools are needed, you have to choose it with your care according to your needs. In this case, the decision making a decision is in both cases to be adjusted in accordance with your budget.

The type of development

Suppose you want to lock a model 5 means that you want to use concrete or rocks. If the bricks are smaller then they use wood if it is a little smaller. Similarly, set your technology according to your organization’s needs.

  1. Suppose you create a big structure, after preparing its operation map, you create your structure with brick cement, etc. Likewise, if your web structure is created exactly as you would with your operation map, development has been given to a team from the beginning, they started making structures from scratch by mixing brick sand. If you have to create a web site or web site for yourself, depending on the various languages ​​and technologies, it is called Developing from the very beginning and it is called Custom Development.
  2. You can buy a ready-made board or buy a glass and make a framework. In this case, you can partition as much as you like, or depending on the size of the board, make adjustments with the structure of your operation. There are many different types of ready-made systems available on the web such as WordPress, Open Cart, Magento, Prave Shop, etc. With which you can develop the system according to your organization’s type. In this case, you may also have to go to a wooden machine (web designer). Because you can use the board or the glass to make the structure, it can be ugly, it can not be deteriorated.
  3. You can also create an organization with a fully styled stall or workstation, in which case you need to organize your organization according to that work station or system. There are many web site designing sites that use ready-made systems like Wix. These systems are beneficial for those small organizations or those who do not like trouble.
  4. Securities Suppose your organization is finished, the only thing that will be considered first to you is that it is your belief security – one of the key ideas for all the aspects of securing your organization’s assets, information, customer information, service management, etc.. In order to secure the web site’s various information security gear is available, which is comparable to the way it is offline, like the guardian’s capacities.

Now let’s get expensive

Websites made at Dollar 13 / 27 / 65 / on BangladeshYou must have heard this. Understand how they explain these things – even after not understanding it – a land near a street (worth 625 Dollar) divided into 500 plots (every plot costs 13 dollars) in a plot at a plot ( Which they have collected in free or at very low prices). You will be thinking of managing your institution by purchasing a stainless steel stool in the seven-story or Karail slum, without your knowledge.
Since the price of the land is determined by the price (hosting value), then the cost of building the website of the organization is determined by the price of the website for the construction of the website, the type of equipment, the skill of the maker, etc.

To give a better idea

Better land, big structures will cost to cost Bashundhara City type costs, say, millions of crore If there is good land in the middle structure, then at a relatively low price, it could be worth thousands or lakhs.


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