“Android Q” comes with various interesting features

Android Q
Android Q

Android Q – Latest Features.In the last three years, it can be seen in August this year as the new version of Android “Android 10”. But with the preview of the Android version 10 available to developers in XD, we are now getting the idea of ​​several upcoming features. Let’s take a look at the features.

Since the version of the alphabet is named as the Android version, then the next version of Android Pie (9.0), the Android version 10, will be named after “P” followed by “Q”

However, due to the non-scheduled name so far, here the upcoming Android version is referred to as “Android Q”, so far the featured feature is discussed below:

3D Faces Unlock Support:

Fingerprint Unlocked After Fingerprint Unlock Support At Android Much Faster And Secure, In the same way, the Android Q will be supported by 3G Flex Unlock. This will unlock the 3D feeds, more fast and secure.

Dark Mode:

All the pre-installed apps in the Android Q will have dark mode access. Which will help to save battery on mobile with Amode Display?

Desktop mode:

With the help of mobile to get some kind of PC experience, Android Q will have the desktop mode. This is the same feature as “PC shares” in some of Samsung’s Galaxy S8’s “Samsung Desk” and some mobile phones in Huawei, all of Samsung’s flagship.

Screen Recorder:

Although the features of the various company’s user interface now allow screen record, the original Android did not have this feature. But the Android Q will have the facility of screen recording where the screen with the default sound can be recorded.

Next Level Permission System:

While the introduction of permissions system for Android marriages, the Android Q will be the next level of the permissions system. Where an app can use your given permissions in the background, you have control in your hands.

Software downgrade feature:

After the software update, if the update is buggy, then it looks like the previous version was good. But there was no facility to downgrade officially till Android Pi. But the downgrade of the Android Q will be downgraded.
The convenience of changing the icon of the quick panel: There is a circular icon in the Android pie, but the ability to change the round size of the Android Q.

Support for all apps in the app:

Currently there are many apps much support but there are many apps that do not support noch. But there will be support for all apps in the Android quote.

Multi Resume:

Two apps open with split screen or multiple windows, but some apps show that one can stop using the other. To solve this problem, the Android Q will have multi-resume features. Two or more apps from split screen or multi-window supported apps can be played together but no apps will stop.

It is worth noting that similar features were added to their “Good Lock 2015” by “Multi Star” [for Android Oreo (8.1)].

Support for folding device:

In 2019 there will be a fasting phone chatter. Android Holder’s official support for the folding phone software and how it will be un-folded.

Security Patch Update:

Google releases Android Security Patch updates every month, but many companies are unable to update security pat on their mobile phones (especially low and mid range devices) every month. Probably solving the problem with the Android queue.

That means Google can arrange for delivering security patches updates every month on almost all company’s mobile phones through a special Q. project.

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In addition to the above mentioned features, there may be some more small features / changes in Android Q. How did your Android Q? Do not forget to tell the comment!


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